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A great bottle of wine is meant to be shared

We believe investing in fine wine should be the same

Buy fractions of wine

We handpick each of the fine wines on our platform and divide each bottle into 100 shares, making it easier for you to diversify your portfolio across some of the most iconic investable wines in the world.

Build your portfolio

You choose the wine and how many shares in each you want to buy. We handle the boring stuff - authentication, storage, and insurance.

Watch your wine grow

Wine increases in value as it ages, so sit back and track the performance of your portfolio and enjoy your share of the return when it's peak time to sell - we handle that process for you too!

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Simple pricing

5% brokerage and $5 admin fee when you buy and when we handle the sell process of each wine.

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Easy support

We're here to help, reach out to or checkout our FAQs.


Industry leading partners

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Why Wine?

Proven performance

Over the past 20 years wine has outperformed the stock market, making it the world's oldest and most in-demand luxury product.

Stable growth

Wine has a low correlation to traditional assets like stocks and property, meaning it's less sensitive to the same ups and downs (like rising interest rates), making it a great recession proof investment.

Source: Liv-Ex


Global Financial Crisis

Liv-ex Fine Wine 100

S&P 500

What makes wine investable?

Less than 1% of all wine produced globally is investment grade, making finding an investable wine that is built-to-age incredibly rare.

The ageing of a wine can make a big difference to its quality, depth and price, so as an investable wine enters its peak drinking window demand for that wine increases. At the same time, with every bottle that's opened supply decreases, driving its value and price upwards.

There are many other factors that affect the value of a wine, and it's investment worthiness, such as:

  • Quality and rarity of grapes used

  • Current age and drinking window

  • Weather, location, and critic scores

  • Producer track record and reputation

  • Market trends and current price

  • Historical and projected performance

  • Availability and demand

Our team brings together expertise in wine, alternative and traditional investments to make investing in wine as simple as sharing it.

Stephanie Brennan, Founder

"My mission is to make investing more accessible"

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  • What is TradingGrapes and what do you do?
    TradingGrapes is an Australian startup on a mission to make investing in fine wine more accessible. We provide a platform for investors to buy shares in fine wine - like they would buy shares on the stock market. Each share represents a portion of the wine's value, which can fluctuate over time (just like a share on the stock market). When the wine reaches peak time to sell, we manage that process and distribute a return to each investor based on their percentage of ownership in that wine. We're still in the early days of our mission, so we'd love your help to spread the word and democratise the wine investment industry, making it accessible to everyone.
  • How does the TradingGrapes platform work?
    Our platform allows investors to buy shares of fine wines, just like buying shares on the stock market. Investors choose which wines they want to invest in and how many shares in each they want to buy - we manage the boring stuff, like authentication, storage and insurance. Each share represents a portion of the wine's value, which can fluctuate over time (just like a share on the stock market). When the wine reaches peak time to sell, we manage that process and distribute a return to each investor based on their percentage of ownership in the wine.
  • What platform and currencies do you offer for payment?
    We use Stripe to process payments and we currently accept payment in AUD, USD, EUR, and GBP.
  • Who owns the wine?
    You do! Each share of wine you buy represents your ownership in that wine. TradingGrapes acts as a custodian, meaning we manage the wine on behalf of investors. Each wine is insured and held in a secure, climate-controlled facility.
  • When can an investor sell their wine?
    We handpick each of the wines on our platform and monitor the market to determine the best time to sell - we manage this process for investors. Wine is a long term investment and should be held for 5+ years to see the best returns. Investors can add their bank details in an accepted currency (AUD, USD, GBP or EUR) to their account page to receive their share of the return when the wine is sold.
  • What type of returns can investors expect?
    Wine investments can offer attractive returns, but they are not guaranteed. The value of the wine can fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including vintage, producer, and market demand. We provide historical performance data on each wine to help investors make informed decisions.
  • Who can signup for TradingGrapes?
    Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up. Our platform is designed to be user friendly and simple for experienced or novice wine investors. However, there may be certain restrictions or requirements based on your location - make sure you meet any relevant laws or regulations in your country before signing up.
  • Is TradingGrapes available on mobile devices?
    Yes, TradingGrapes is a webapp that is mobile responsive and can be accessed on any mobile device. However, the best experience is on desktop. The app is not currently available on IOS or Android. However, we are constantly working to improve our platform and expand our availability in the future. Stay tuned for updates.
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